How Do You Make a Paper Mask?

How Do You Make a Paper Mask?

Make a paper mask by drawing and cutting a face from a paper plate, adding wiggle eyes, drawing on a mouth, and adding some hair. Start with a white paper plate, tissue paper, wiggle eyes and scissors. Gather a pencil, glue, craft sticks and glitter glue for finishing touches.

  1. Sketch a face

    Sketch a face in the paper plate using a pencil by drawing the outline of the nose. Sketch the lines just below the eyes and under the nose, following the inside rim of the plate for a guide.

  2. Cut out the face

    Cut along the lines. You want to cut away the area beneath the nose and the cheekbones. Make sure to keep the nose attached to the rest of the paper plate by not cutting out the entire middle of the plate.

  3. Add the eyes

    Glue the wiggle eyes just above the cut portion of the plate on either side of the nose.

  4. Draw a mouth

    Use glitter glue to add a mouth to the rim of the plate just below the nose.

  5. Make the hair

    Cut colored tissue paper into thin strips for the hair. Glue the strips to the plate rim above the eyes.

  6. Attach the handle

    Glue a craft stick to the bottom of the underside of the plate for a handle.