How Do You Make a Paper Mache Bird?

To make a paper mache bird, wrap an eggshell with strips of newspaper. Make the bird's beak, feathers and other features with cardboard, and glue them to the eggshell using the beak as a guide for placement. The process of making the bird may require several hours to allow the paint and glue to dry.

  1. Prepare the glue and newspaper

    Combine 1/4-cup all-purpose flour and 1 cup of cold water in a sauce pan, and cook the mixture for about 3 minutes, or until it is slightly thickened. Allow the mixture to cool completely. Tear newspaper into thin strips, and draw a basic template for the bird's features using cardboard.

  2. Make the bird's head

    Wash an empty eggshell, and glue it back together. Dip the strips of torn newspaper into the cooled glue, and wrap the strips around the eggshell until the shell has been covered in several layers of newspaper. Attach the bird's facial features, such as crests and the beak, by cutting the shapes from cardboard and gluing them onto one end of the eggshell.

  3. Make the bird's body

    Cut pieces of cardboard to make the bird's legs, feet and feathers, and paint the features in the desired color. Attach the pieces to the shell in the appropriate place.