How Do You Make a Paper Indian Hat?


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Making an Indian or Native American headdress from paper involves cutting a paper strip long enough to wrap around your head, decorating the strip with patterns and then adding feathers. Feathers can be cut out from paper, or you can use real feathers.

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  1. Cut out the headband

    Cut a 1- to 2-inch-wide strip from construction paper to form the headband. If the strip is not long enough to wrap around your head, cut another strip from the construction paper, and glue the ends of the two strips together to form a longer band. Wrap the band around your head, and glue the strip together where the ends meet to make a circle.

  2. Decorate the head band

    Color the headband with crayons, colored pencils or paint, or draw simple patterns in bright colors to give it a Native American theme.

  3. Cut out the feathers

    If you are making your own feathers, simply fold a sheet of colored paper in half, and cut out a long, thin half-circle shape; this forms a feather when folded open. With the paper still folded closed, cut diagonal slits along the edge that isn't folded to create fringes. Repeat this process to make as many feathers as you want.

  4. Attach the feathers to the headband

    Glue the bottom ends of all of the feathers to the headband to make a headdress. The feathers can be glued in a bunch or spaced out along the band.

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