How Do You Make a Paper Fortune Teller?

Using origami techniques, fold a square piece of paper into a fortune teller that you can write different fortunes on. This game can be completed in a few minutes.

  1. Create the creases

    Start with a square piece of paper, and fold it lengthwise. Crease the fold, and unfold the paper. Fold the paper widthwise, create the fold, and unfold it. Fold the paper in half diagonally, crease the fold, and unfold it. Fold the opposite diagonal, crease the fold, and unfold it.

  2. Fold the corners

    Fold each of the corners in towards the center so that they all meet in the middle. Crease each fold. Flip the paper over, fold the corners towards the center, and crease the folds.

  3. Fold it into a smaller square

    Turn the paper so that it is oriented as a square and not as a diamond. Fold the left side over towards the right, crease the fold, and unfold it. Fold the top to the bottom, crease the fold, and unfold it.

  4. Open the fortune teller

    Turn the fortune teller so that the side with the non-split triangles faces upwards. Slide your thumbs and index fingers underneath the flaps, and gently push the center up and together to open the fortune teller. Now that the fortune teller is complete, you can open it up to write the different fortunes.