How Do You Make a Paper Elf Hat?

make-paper-elf-hat Credit: GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Taxi/Getty Images

Make a paper elf hat with a 12 x 18 inch piece of colored construction paper, one piece of brown or beige construction paper, glue, scissors, a cotton ball, a stapler and a black marker. This craft should take fewer than 30 minutes to create.

  1. Design and fold the construction paper

    Use a marker to draw a design, such as repetitive shapes or stripes, on the construction paper. Turn the paper lengthwise, and fold in the two shorter corners. Then cut off the excess paper to create a long triangle shape.

  2. Create a cone shape

    Roll the triangle into a cone, and staple the cone along the edge to secure it.

  3. Trace and cut out the ears

    Using the beige or brown construction paper, trace two pointed ears with the marker. Draw a small coil on the inside to imitate the inside of an ear. Cut out the two pointed ears. Staple the ears to the hat, allowing them to stick out a bit to create the effect of large elf ears.

  4. Glue the cotton ball to the top

    Use the glue to adhere the cotton ball to the top of the elf hat. Let it dry for five minutes before wearing your new elf hat.