How Do You Make a Paper Crown?

How Do You Make a Paper Crown?

How Do You Make a Paper Crown?

Make a paper crown by folding and cutting paper into a crown shape. This takes only a few minutes. You need a sheet of paper, preferably gold, glue or tape, a pencil, scissors, a plate and card stock.

  1. Draw and cut out a circle

    Place a plate on a gold piece of paper. Use the pencil to trace a circle around the plate. Cut out the circle. Fold the circle in half, and cut it along the crease.

  2. Fold the circle

    Roll the half-circle into a conical shape so that it is folded into thirds with one flap folded over and one folded inside. Crease the paper. It should form a triangle with a rounded bottom.

  3. Design the crown

    Cut shapes and pieces out of the triangle shape to design your crown. Make sure not to cut all of the folded sides, and don't cut entirely through the triangle. After cutting, unfold the triangle. This is the front of the crown.

  4. Make the headband

    Cut a strip that is at least 1 inch wide out of the card stock lengthwise. This is the band that goes around your head. Tape the ends together so that the band fits snugly around your head.

  5. Attach the crown to the band

    Tape the crown to the headband. The crown is finished.