How Do You Make a Paper Cone?


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A paper cone is easily made by cutting out a half-circle of paper and connecting the two ends together such that both halves of the straight edge line up. The cone shape can be held together by glue, tape or a staple.

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Making a paper cone shape will require sturdy paper, glue, tape, or staples, a pair of scissors and either a compass or a string and pen.

  1. First, draw a half-circle on sturdy paper using either a compass or a pencil on a string. Mark the center of where the half-circle rotates around.
  2. Next, cut out the half-circle just traced out.
  3. Bring the two ends of the half-circle together such that the straight edge gets cut in half and the two halves of the edge line up. The only crease in the paper should be at the very center of the straight edge, which will end up boing the point of the cone. One edge can overlap the other to make the cone narrower.
  4. Finally, use either a staple, tape or glue to hold the cone in place. It may be necessary to glue, tape or staple all the way along the straight edge leading up the cone to keep the cone shape sturdy.
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