How Do You Make Paper Buildings?

How Do You Make Paper Buildings?

Making paper buildings can be an engaging craft for all ages and vary in difficulty depending on the building model and how detailed the finishing touches will be. The basic tools needed are scissors, glue, a building model template and paper, either cardstock, printer paper, construction paper or a combination of various papers.

A building template or plan can be downloaded online or can be an original creation. Once the template is chosen and the materials are available, construct the paper building using the following steps.

  1. Print the template
  2. Print the pieces, parts and template. Using a laser jet printer assures the ink will not bleed.

  3. Construct the building
  4. Take time to review the instructions and keep work space and hands clean. Cut the pieces as needed to avoid confusion. Score the folds and let any glued pieces completely dry before assembling the structure.

  5. Add finishing touches
  6. Add details with paint, ink, wood or other materials. The paper building can be mounted on a poster board for more stability and ease in moving.