How Do You Make a Paper Bag Puppet?


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To make a paper bag puppet, open a paper bag, and turn it upside-down. Fold the square edges under to form a rounded face, glue eyes and a nose on the top portion of the bag, draw a tongue under the flap, glue arms on the side of the bag, and draw details on the bag. Making this craft takes about 30 minutes and requires a paper bag, glue, scissors, construction paper and markers.

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  1. Prepare the bag

    Open the paper bag, and turn it upside-down. For a person, dog or bear puppet, fold small portions of the square edges under the flap. For a cat or mouse puppet, fold the square edges to form a point on the flap.

  2. Add the facial details

    Glue eyes on the top of the bag. To make bulging eyes, cut rounded strips out of construction paper, and fold the square end . Glue the folded portion of the strip to the bag. Draw a nose onto the tip of the flap. Draw a tongue and teeth under the flap.

  3. Attach the arms

    Cut arms out of construction paper, and glue them to the sides of the bag.

  4. Finish with details

    Draw clothes on the front of the bag. For animal puppets, draw the appropriate spots or stripes on the bag. Allow glue to dry completely before using the puppet.

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