How Do You Make a Paper Airplane?


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To make a classic paper airplane, fold a sheet of paper in half, fold the corners toward the first fold line, fold the new corners to make angled edges meeting at the center, and fold the paper back up along the center line. Fold the wings down to finish.

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How Do You Make a Paper Airplane?
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Use a standard letter-sized sheet of paper to make a paper airplane. First, fold the paper in half lengthwise, creating a crease before unfolding it again. Take the top corners of the paper, and fold them in line with the central crease. Take the new corner angles, and fold these in line with the crease, creating a crisp fold with your fingernails or another hard edge. Fold the paper in half along its central crease so the angled folds are inside.

Pull the wings down by folding the sides of the paper outwards to double them, creating a crisp fold. To use the paper airplane, grip the fold from the bottom with the point facing away from you, and throw it gently to watch it glide. If the airplane doesn't fly well, stick the wings together with a little bit of tape or glue. To cover more distance, throw the airplane from a high place on a hot day, as hot air helps the airplane glide.

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