How Do You Make a Pantograph Quilt?


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Pantograph quilts can be crafted using a number of methods, primarily with longarm quilting machines and pattern templates that are traced or transferred onto the fabric. They may be stitched by hand, with standard home sewing machines or with the aid of a computerized system.

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Pantograph patterns are found in books and online, or they may be created individually by hand. These designs are sized as desired and then transferred. Stabilizer paper, which can be torn away when finished, can be stitched through directly. Another option is to trace a pattern onto the quilt itself, using pencil, chalk or disappearing ink, following over the temporary lines with a sewing machine.

The frequently used longarm machine allows quilters to lay the design flat on its table, tracing its repeating pattern with a stylus or other pointing device. The machine follows the motions and stitches the decoration in replica across the fabric.

Pantograph patterns are designed with unbroken lines, allowing them to move across the body of the quilt without interruptions or backtracking. These pantograph patterns, also called edge-to-edge or continuous line patterns, repeat up and across the fabric to secure a quilt's top, batting and backing into place while also providing an ornamental embellishment.

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