How Do You Make a Panda Mask?


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Celebrate panda bears by making your own panda mask. This project is suitable for ages 2 to 6 years old and takes less than half an hour to complete. You need a paper plate, black construction paper, a black crayon, a stapler, yarn, glue, a hole punch and scissors.

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  1. Position the paper plate

    Use a white paper plate that's already divided into three food sections. Turn the plate until the two smaller sections are on top for the eyes and the large section is on the bottom for the mouth and nose.

  2. Make the eyes

    Cut out two ovals from the black construction paper to fit inside the small sections of the plate. Glue one oval in each section. Cut a circle in the center of the ovals and through the plate beneath the eye holes.

  3. Make the nose and mouth

    Cut out a small oval from the black construction paper, and paste it at the center top of the large section for the nose. Draw the mouth using a black crayon.

  4. Make the ears

    Cut out two large circles from the black construction paper for the ears. Place the ears on either side of the two small sections with part of the circles tucked beneath the lip of the plate. Staple the ears to the plate.

  5. Attach the yarn

    Cut two 6-inch pieces of yarn for the straps of the mask. Punch two holes on either side of the mask. Thread one piece of yarn through each hole, and tie it into place.

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