How Do You Make a Palm Cross for Palm Sunday?

To make a cross from a palm leaf for Palm Sunday, cut the leaf so it is 1.5 to 2 feet long, fold it about 5 inches from the top, and hold it in place. Leave the shortest part of the palm in the front.

Turn the palm over, and fold the longer piece of the leaf in a 90-degree angle 2 inches from the top of the first fold. Turn the palm to the front, and measure 2 inches from the last fold. Fold the leaf 2 inches across the short piece of the palm to create the bar of the cross. Fold the bar around to the back at about 2 inches past the center of the cross so the bar is around 4 inches total.

Fold the working piece of the leaf in the back at a 90-degree angle at the center of the cross so the end of the piece is facing up between the bar and the top of the cross. Wrap the working piece around the front of the cross with the end of the piece facing down between the opposite side of the bar and the bottom of the cross. Bring the piece around to the other side of the bar, and wrap it across the front again, completing an "X" shape over the front of the cross. Insert the end of the piece into the "X" bar on the back of cross, and pull tight any slack. Finally, trim the excess.