How Do You Make Your Own Yarn Wig?

How Do You Make Your Own Yarn Wig?

To make your own yarn wig, cut yarn to the required lengths, and tie the yarn lengths to form several yarn bundles. Then, affix the bundles appropriately to a crochet or knit winter hat used as a base.

Begin making the yarn wig by choosing the hat and one skein of yarn in a matching color. To cut the yarn lengths, wrap yarn around a pillow approximately 30 times. Ensure that the starting and ending yarn tails fall on the same side of the pillow, and tie the wrapped yarn using a short yarn length on the pillow's other side.

Cut the yarn on the pillow's loose-tail side to make a yarn bundle. Prepare 10 more bundles in the same manner. Keep the yarn length shorter when making the bangs.

To affix the yarn bundles to the hat, draw the hair parting line from the hat's edge to its crown using chalk. Then, insert a crochet hook on the line's right side, and pull one end of the small yarn used for tying the yarn lengths via the hat. Now, insert the crochet hook on the line's left side, and pull the yarn's other end in a similar manner. Tie both of the loose yarn ends together using a double knot on the hat's reverse side.

Begin attaching the yarn bundles at the hat's crown. Attach three more, including one below the other at a distance of 1/2 inch, two on either side of the parting line for the side locks, and three bundles just below the crown at the back of the hat for the back hair. Attach the bangs just below the last bundle on the parting line.

Ensure that the yarn covers the hat adequately, and add yarn bundles if required.