How Do You Make Your Own Wreath?


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To make your own wreath, use wire hangers to make the wreath's frame, affix a green-colored tape over it, and arrange and attach branches of evergreen appropriately on the frame. Cover the frame completely with evergreen, and use hot glue to affix fillers and a bow on the wreath.

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Begin making a wreath by twisting two pieces of wire hangers into a circular shape. Position the two circles one over the other such that their hooks are aligned. Secure the two wires together using floral wire bits at three spots on the circles. Place green-colored floral tape on the wires, and cover them with it.

Now, snip branches of evergreen using garden clippers so that each branch is 10 inches long. Arrange the branches on the wreath frame so that one partly covers the adjacent one, and affix all of them to the frame using floral wire. Add as many evergreen branches as required to make the wreath look full.

To affix fillers such as holly, pine cones and Christmas bells on the wreath, use hot glue. To make the wreath's bow, use a strip of red-colored velvet ribbon that is 3 feet in length, and knot it to form a bow. Apply hot glue to the rear side of the bow, and stick it to the bottom side of the wreath.

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