How Do You Make Your Own Word Search?


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To make a word search puzzle, start by writing a list of words with varying lengths that you wish to include in the puzzle. On a piece of graph paper, write the words using one box for each letter going across, down or diagonally.

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Write every letter as a capital letter, and place each word wherever you desire on the graph paper, overlapping letters of other words on the list if desired. Double-check the spelling and placement of each word. Fill the rest of the boxes on the graph paper with random capital letters. Make copies of the word list and the puzzle for each person who is playing, and staple them together.

Trim the graph paper, or designate a square block in the center of the paper for the puzzle. Consider trimming the word list as well, taping the two trimmed pieces to the same page and then copying one page instead of two pages for each person. Keep in mind the age of the participating group when creating the word list. Use a theme for the words, such as animals, cities or astronomy terms. To provide an extra challenge, include pictures or definitions as clues instead of words.

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