How Do You Make Your Own Wonder Woman Costume?


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Make a Wonder Woman costume using a red tank top, blue shorts and red boots as the base outfit. Add details to finish the costume with fabric paint, craft foam and ribbon. The costume does not require any sewing, since it mainly involves decorating existing pieces of clothing.

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Use a pencil to draw Wonder Woman's emblem on the front of the red top. The emblem should resemble a large "W" with wings. Use gold fabric paint to fill in the outline, using broad strokes. When the outline is filled, use black paint and a thin brush to paint a new outline around the gold.

Use a star stencil to paint small white stars on the shorts. Repeat the stars until you have the desired number. Add detail to the red boots with white duct tape. Place a strip of tape down the center of each boot, and wrap a strip around the very top.

Wonder Woman's accessories include a tiara, wrist bands and a belt. Use gold craft foam for the tiara, which should gently curve upwards to form a peak at the front center. Use black elastic to fasten the tiara. Make wrist bands from two more strips of gold foam, adding Velcro fasteners to make them easier to take off. Cut three stars out of red foam, and glue one onto the tiara and each wrist band.

Use gold ribbon to make a simple belt. Tie it around your waist, and cut off any excess. For an optional accessory, add a lasso.

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