How Do You Make Your Own Wind Chimes?


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Make your own wind chimes by hanging copper tubing or other metal items from nylon twine or fishing wire and attaching the wire to a central piece of wood. You need seven pieces of copper tubing or one large piece of copper pipe, a copper pipe cutter, two wooden circles, nylon cord and a drill.

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First, cut a 10-foot by 1/2-inch copper pipe into seven pieces that measure 22 inches, 20 inches, 18 inches, 16 inches, 14 inches, 12 inches and 10 inches using a copper pipe cutter. Drill a small hole slightly larger than the nylon cord all the way through one end of the pipe pieces.

Next, purchase or cut one 8-inch diameter wooden circle and one 4-inch diameter wooden circle. Drill one hole through the center of the smaller circle, and set it aside. In the larger circle, drill one hole through the center, seven circles equidistantly around the edges and three circles equidistantly between the middle circle and the outer circles.

Finally, put the wind chime together by cutting seven 8-inch pieces of nylon cord. Thread one piece of cord each through the holes in the copper pieces, and pull the cord ends through the outside holes in the larger wood circle. Tie the ends. Cut a 9-inch piece of cord, tie a knot in one end, and thread it through the center hole in both circles. Finally, tie three equal pieces of cord through the middle three circles in the large circle for the hanger.

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