How Do You Make Your Own Werewolf Costume?

How Do You Make Your Own Werewolf Costume?

A werewolf costume can be made with a set of brown clothes, white and brown felt, fabric glue and a little makeup, according to Martha Stewart. This costume idea also works well for a couple's costume set, such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

Kids and adults can make a quick werewolf costume in minutes with these instructions. Since this costume does require modifying clothing, use old clothes or purchase some cheaply at the local thrift store for the project.

  1. Cut out the felt pieces
  2. Mark several triangular teeth on the white felt. There should be at least four large incisors and several smaller pointed teeth. Cut out these pieces. Mark two very large triangles with wide bases on the brown felt. Cut out these pieces

  3. Attach the felt
  4. Glue the teeth onto the inside edge of the hood of a brown hoodie. The teeth should line the top part of the hood and the bottom part of the hood on either side of the zipper. Glue the ears in place on the top outside of the hoodie. The wide base should allow crafters to curve the triangles slightly into the shape of upright wolf ears when gluing.

  5. Apply the make up
  6. Use a combination of white cream base and black or brown eye shadow and eye liner to create the werewolf look. Cover the entire face in the white cream base. Create a black nose with the black eye liner and fill it in. Use the eye shadow to darken around the eyes and to shade the sides of the nose to make it appear longer and more prominent. The eye liner can also be used to draw feathered lines around the face to mimic wolf fur.