How Do You Make Your Own Warrior Cat?

How Do You Make Your Own Warrior Cat?

The Scratch website offers a Warrior Cat and clan creator. Through this site, you can customize your Warrior Cat by choosing its eye color and fur type.

  1. Create your Warrior Cat

    Scratch allows you to choose between 75 different types of fur, a variety of eye colors and other features. You can select from various colors, and you can choose to place a bird or rat in the Warrior Cat's mouth and claws. A random option is also available.

  2. Enter the Warrior Cat's background information

    Any name can be given to the Warrior Cat. The game suggests to name the Warrior Cat based on its appearance or skill set. Next, select whether the Warrior Cat is a "she-cat" or "tom." When choosing a clan name, the instructions state to not add "clan" at the end of it, as the game automatically generates the name for you. Players can also choose between leader, deputy, warrior, queen and many others when determining rank. You must then choose the age of your Warrior Cat. This is measured by moons. Finally, describe your Warrior Cat's personality.

  3. Choose an appropriate setting

    After your Warrior Cat has been successfully created, the final step is to select its environment. You may choose from a variety of backgrounds, such as a sunny valley or a dark forest.