How Do You Make Your Own Tally Sheets for Bridge?


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To make your own tally sheets for bridge, purchase unlined 5-by-8-inch index cards and rotate them lengthwise. Using a ruler, line the card from top to bottom, spacing the lines an inch apart. Once completed, there are eight rows.

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At the second row, use the ruler and draw three vertical lines, placing them an inch apart, with the final line leaving 2 inches to the edge of the card. Draw a line from each mark so the last seven rows are split into four columns. At the top row of the card, label each column from left to right as, "Round," "Table 1," "Table 2" and "Score." Number the spaces beneath the first column from one to seven.

Under the second column, write the numbers "1-6" and "2-5" with the second set beneath the first. Write "2-3" and "5-8" in the next space. Fill out the following spaces with the combinations of "1-8" and "3-6," "1-2" and "3-4," "1-7" and "2-8," "2-6" and "3-7," and "2-4" and "6-8." Under the third column, write "3-8" and "4-7," and then "1-4" and "6-7" in the space underneath. In the following spaces, write "2-7" and "4-5," "5-6" and "7-8," "3-5" and "4-6," "1-5" and "4-8," and "1-3" and "5-7."

Under each table column, highlight the appropriate number to act as the card for player one during game play. Create eight cards for each game. Every card has a different highlighted number for each player.

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