How Do You Make Your Own Stylish Laundry Basket?


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To make a stylish laundry basket, cut four 1-by-2 and four 1-by-3 pieces of wood to 23 inches. Fasten the edge of a 1-by-2 piece to the face of a 1-by-3 piece with wood glue and a drill.

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Repeat this step with the remaining cuts to finish four legs. Next, take two beadboard panels cut at 21-by-17.75 inches and fasten them 1 inch from the bottom and top of the legs on the back side of the 1-by-3 leg pieces. Take two beadboard panels cut at 21-by-11 inches and fasten them to the back of the 1-by-2 legs pieces. Place two 1-by-3 wood pieces cut at 10.25 inches as floor supports between the front and back panels.

Cut eight 1-by-3 crosspieces, four to 15 inches and four to 8 inches. Two of the 8-inch pieces have 4.5-by-1-inch handles in the center. Fasten four crosspieces flush with the bottom of the panels and the rest flush with the top of the legs for unobscured handles. Use a 17.625-by-10.125-inch plywood board as a floor, securing it to the floor supports.

Cut a frame for the basket's lid from 1-by-3 wood pieces, two pieces at 20.5 inches and two at 7.75 inches. Fasten the short pieces between the long pieces. Secure a beadboard panel that is 18.5-by-11 inches to the bottom of the frame. Secure the lid to the hamper with two butt hinges and a stop hinge. Sand down any roughness and paint or stain the wood for a stylish finish.

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