How Do You Make Your Own Short Bathroom Curtain?


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To make a bathroom curtain, measure the window dimensions, measure and cut the fabric, and then trim and press the raw edges. Hem the sides, and sew the header, rod pocket and panel hem.

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After cutting the panel according to the window measurements, trim away the raw edges, and use an iron to press 1/2 inch of each edge underneath the panel. Press an additional 1 inch under on the left and right sides of the panel, and stitch the hem in place. Straight or blind stitches both work for the hem. Sew on any optional trim or embroidery before proceeding.

Press the top 1/2 inch of the panel again, and press under the amount measured for the header facing. Straight stitch the pressed raw edge, and then back stitch the ends. Use a seam guide to sew the upper line of stitching that forms the rod casing. Press the bottom raw edge again, and turn and press the desired hem. Straight or blind stitch the hem.

A valance and tie-backs are additional options for curtains. To make a valance, sew strips of fabric together wide enough for the entire window when gathered, create a rod pocket, and hem just like a curtain panel.

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