How Do I Make My Own RSVP Cards?

How Do I Make My Own RSVP Cards?

Make RSVP cards clearly stating to the recipients that they should respond whether or not they are attending your event. Offer multiple ways for them to contact you to ensure you get the responses in time for an accurate headcount for food and other supplies.

  1. Create RSVP cards complementing the invitations

    Create your RSVP cards using the same stationary you used for the invitations, or choose a complementary color scheme. To make things clear, use bold lettering at the top stating to RSVP with the number of guests attending or to notify no one is attending the event.

  2. Include check boxes for easy responses

    Add check boxes to the RSVP cards to make it easy for recipients to state their intentions. For example, have one box for not attending and another to check if they are attending, with a blank line to fill in the number of people coming. If there are multiple events, such as a ceremony and reception, include separate areas for both in case they can attend only one or the other.

  3. Add additional check boxes, as needed

    List additional check boxes, depending on the type of event, for guests to choose between different meals being offered or if there are any special dietary requirements, such as food allergies.

  4. Offer multiple RSVP options

    Include a firm date on when the RSVP cards must be returned to ensure the recipients are included on the guest list. Offer a mailing address, phone number for calls or texts and any social networking event page created for the occasion.