How Do You Make Your Own Rainbow-Themed Kids' Clothing?


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Various techniques for dyeing and printing rainbow designs on clothes include tie-dye, making your own natural dyes, iron-on vinyl and screen printing. Some methods are easier while others take time, money and practice to develop.

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One of the easiest ways of creating custom designs for shirts is iron-on vinyl. The printable paper is available at most office supply stores. Simply print a design and, following the instructions on the package, use a hot iron to adhere the design to an article of clothing.

You can also achieve a rainbow design through tie-dyeing. Dye kits are available in most craft stores. To make a tie-dye pattern, twist the shirt and section the twists with rubber bands. Then, dip small areas of the shirt in different colors of dye to create the effect known as tie-dye.

Finally, the most professional and most challenging way to design and color clothing is by making screens that can then filter a thin layer of paint onto a shirt. Screen printing is a stencil method of transferring a design, formed by blocking out the negative image on the screen. You can then transfer silk-screening ink to the clothing by pressing it through the screen with a squeegee. Finally, heat the article to allow the ink to dry and the design to become permanent.

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