How Do You Make Your Own Quiz?


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People can make their own quizzes online using websites such as Quizyourfriends.com and Gotoquiz.com. All of these sites are free to use and don't require downloads of any special software.

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At Quizyourfriends.com, visitors have two ways to make their own quizzes: from the ground up or instant. When choosing to make an instant quiz, the questions for all of the answers are chosen at random. The only thing that the quiz maker has to do is fill in the answer section of the quiz. For example, if one of the questions is “If I were a farm animal, what kind of animal would I be?” the players would come up with different farm animals and place them in the answer section.

At Gotoquiz.com, players choose one of three options to start making their quizzes. These options determine the way the quiz is set up. For example, option one is The Test. When choosing this style of quiz, each question has only one correct answer. Players get a score from zero to 100 when they take the test. People can also choose option two, which is The Classic Quiz. With this quiz style, quiz makers can choose to give people partial credit for answers or make more than one answer the right choice.

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