How Do You Make Your Own Postcards?

How Do You Make Your Own Postcards?

Make your own postcard by printing a photograph onto a piece of fabric. This process takes about 30 minutes. You need a digital photograph, a color printer, fabric, fusible web, Workable Fixatif, scissors, fabric glue, needle and thread.

  1. Prepare the photograph

    Take a picture, and transfer it digitally to a computer that is hooked up to a printer. Photoshop and manipulate the picture until you are happy with the image. Make sure the picture is no larger than 4 by 6 inches.

  2. Prepare the fabric

    Choose a piece of fabric. Attach paper-backed fusible web to one side.

  3. Print the picture

    Place the fabric in the paper tray of a colored printer. Print the picture on the fabric. Once the picture prints, spray it with Workable Fixatiff to keep the ink from smearing.

  4. Make the back of the postcard

    Take a plain piece of fabric, and cut it to 4 by 6 inches for the back of the postcard. Apply fabric glue to the back of the printed fabric, and press the plain fabric to it. Use a permanent pen or marker to write "postcard" on the back, the addresses and a short note.

  5. Stitch the edges

    Use the needle and thread to stitch around the postcard. Use a decorative stitch to add a flourish.