How Do You Make You Own Photo Booth Backdrop?

Some ways to create a photo booth backdrop are to build a wall of pinwheels, use chicken wire and napkins to make images, or hang colorful yarn. Other unique ideas include hanging marshmallows at various heights, using weighted balloons and white paper, hanging leaves on twine, and attaching book pages to burlap.

To create a wall of pinwheels, start with seven to eight packages of mini paper fans. Unfold and form all of the fans, securing them with the attached adhesive strips. Begin taping them to the wall, one right next to the other, into overlapping rows. If walls are delicate, use a drop cloth or a large board. Create a scallop effect by offsetting the rows.

To create a chicken wire and napkin backdrop, begin with three pieces of wood measuring 1 inch by 2 inches and 6 feet tall and a piece of chicken wire measuring 4 feet by 6 feet. Spray paint the objects. It is only necessary to spray paint one side, as the backdrop leans against a wall. Lay down two long pieces of wood parallel to each other, and then lay the third across the top, as if making the top of a square. Nail the pieces together and staple the chicken wire across the frame. Next, lean the frame against the wall, and then begin to place napkins in the wire in the desired shape - for example, a heart - and then begin filling in the shape with the rest of the napkins.

Hang yarn on dowels at various lengths and with a variety of color choices across a wall as another way of making a photo booth backdrop.