How Do You Make Your Own Lamp?


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To make a lamp, gather an object for a base, a 3/8-inch drill bit, a block of wood, four wooden button caps and wood glue. Also have a lamp rod, lamp kit, screwdriver, hacksaw and file available.

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Drill a hole through the base, and then stain the wooden button caps to match. Glue the caps to the bottom of the base, which raises it to allow the cord underneath. Cut the lamp rod with a hacksaw, and file off the edges before threading it through the base. Secure the lamp rod with a nut and washer, and then thread the lamp cord through the rod until about 5 inches is sticking out from the top. Add the lock nut, neck, harp holder and socket cap before screwing the cap to the rod.

Take about 2 inches of the wire apart, and then strip about 1/2 inch of the insulation away from the wire. Tie a knot in the wire to ensure it does not fall through. Attach the wires to the socket, making sure that there are no fraying ends, and then twist the strands together, clockwise. The neutral wire connects to the silver terminal, and the hot wire connects to the brass terminal. Tuck the wires down, fit the socket cap into place, and then add the harp before completing the lamp with a shade.

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