How Do You Make Your Own Karaoke CDs?


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To make a karaoke CD, use a multi-track audio editing software, such as Audacity, to strip the vocals from audio files, save the new files in the desired format, and use the built-in CD burning software in Windows 7 or newer versions to add these files to an empty CD. When exporting the audio file after stripping the vocals, select an audio format that’s compatible with your CD player.

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Go to SourceForge.net, find Audacity in the Audio & Video section, and download the latest version. After downloading and installing Audacity, start the program, click File, hover over the Import option, click Audio, and select the audio file you want to add to the karaoke CD. Once the program loads both stereo tracks, click on the inverted triangle symbol next to the audio file’s title, and select the Split Stereo Track option.

Double-click on any split track, click Effect in the navigation menu, and select the Invert option. For both tracks, click on the inverted triangle symbol again, and select the Mono option. To save the modified audio file, click File, select the Export Audio option, choose the desired format, and click Save. If the program reports a missing encoder, particularly for MP3 files, download the necessary encoder from Lame.Buanzo.org. Finally, insert an empty CD, select the Burn Files to Disc option from the AutoPlay menu, click on With a CD/DVD Player, add the audio files with stripped vocals, and click on Burn to Disc.

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