How Do You Make Your Own Jewelry?

How Do You Make Your Own Jewelry?

To make beaded jewelry, practice the basics on a pair of chandelier earrings by stringing pearls onto a wire, wrapping the top loop and attaching the loop to an O-ring. Secure the bead strings to chandelier findings, and attach the chandeliers to earring posts.

  1. String pearls

    String pearls onto a ball head pin, adding as many as you want on the finished product. Leave enough room to wrap the loop. Make enough of the stringed pearls to fill your chandelier findings.

  2. Wrap the loop

    Use needle-nose pliers to bend the wire at a 90-degree angle just above the top bead. Push the wire over the top barrel of the pliers. Roll the pliers to complete the loop. Take hold of the wire end with another set of pliers, and wrap it between the loop and the bead three times. Trim the excess wire.

  3. Attach the wrapped loop

    Use the pliers to open an O-ring slightly. Slip the ring onto the loop. Hook the open O-ring onto a jump ring on the chandelier finding, and close the loop to secure. Repeat this step for all the bead strings.

  4. Attach the chandelier to the post

    Use the pliers to slightly open the top jump ring on the chandelier findings. Hook the ring through the jump ring on the post, and close the chandelier ring. Repeat for the other earring.