How Do You Make Your Own EX Pokemon Cards?

How Do You Make Your Own EX Pokemon Cards? and offers a free online card creator for basic Pokemon cards. There is also a free downloadable program called GIMP that's comparable with PhotoShop and allows full control over making a card.

Websites such as and allow users to create Pokemon cards on their pages. These card creator engines require you to upload a photo for the card and then fill out the name and abilities of the Pokemon. You can also include original flavor text to describe your newly created Pokemon. These cards can be shared with other users or save and print for use in a physical deck.

For those who want complete control over creation of their Pokemon cards, author PilotYoshi and gives a step-by-step breakdown of how to create the card using GIMP. This program allows total control over colors used, text used, pictures, and any other symbols you may want to use. You can also go to art websites such as and save a template of accurate Pokemon symbols for a realistic Pokemon card. Once you finish your card in the program, you can save and print, or you can upload the image to any website as a picture.