How Do You Make Your Own Cleopatra Costume?

To make a basic Cleopatra costume, wear a strapless solid color dress with gold trim, gold fabric armbands and heavy stylized makeup. Some optional accessories are strapped sandals, a gold headband and rhinestones or other fake gems. An elaborate wig or headdress completes the look.

To make the dress, find a white or black dress without shoulder straps, or wrap a white sheet around the body and fasten it like a toga. Cut a thick strip of gold fabric and sew it to the waist of the garment. As an additional option, cut a large trapezoidal piece of gold fabric to hang from the front of the belt as a loincloth, and decorate it with rhinestones and painted-on Egyptian patterns.

Apply black liquid eyeliner heavily to accentuate the eyes. Extend the eyeliner out from the sides of the eyes to mimic Cleopatra's signature catlike appearance. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw in thick geometric eyebrows, and use blue or gold eye shadow to achieve a royal look.

In lieu of a wig, first dye the hair black. Then style the hair into shoulder-length tight braids all around the head, leaving the bangs alone. Clip gold jewelry to the bottom of each braid. Finally, cut a strip of gold fabric or lace trim and sew it into a circle to create a simple headband.