How Do You Make Your Own Cell Phone Case?


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Do-it-yourself cell phone cases can be made out of recycled denim or an old pair of jeans. A pair of jeans, scissors, fabric glue, and embellishments are necessary for this project.

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  1. Cut out the denim pocket from the back of the jeans

    Use scissors to cut out the back denim pocket of an old pair of jeans. Use a larger pair of jeans for larger phones, and measure the pocket to ensure it is large enough to cover the phone.

  2. Cut out the seam from a leg of the jeans

    To create a strap for the denim cell phone case or holder, cut out the seam from one leg of the jeans. Measure the seam, and cut it to fit the desired length for the strap.

  3. Glue the seam strap to the denim pocket case

    Use fabric glue to attach the strap to the denim pocket case. Do this by placing glue on the end of the seam strap and attaching it to the inside of one side of the pocket. Repeat the step for the other side of the seam strap. This hides the ends of the strap inside the case.

  4. Add embellishments to the denim pocket case

    Use decorative fabric, beads and other embellishments to decorate the denim cell phone case, and use fabric glue to attach these decorations. Allow the glue to dry completely before putting the phone in the case.

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