How Do You Make Your Own Beading Loom?

To make a simple beading loom, attach two smaller pieces of wood on either end of a wooden base, and attach two large eye hooks on each of the smaller pieces of wood that support the bolts that the beading thread runs across.

  1. Gather materials

    Gather a piece of wood that is at least 6 inches wide and 10 inches long for the base, and two smaller pieces that are as long as the base is wide and 1 inch in width. Gather two bolts that are as long as the smaller pieces, four nuts, four washers, four large eye hooks, a tape measure, a power drill, a drill bit, two screws and a pencil.

  2. Attach the smaller pieces of wood to the base

    Use the tape measure and pencil to mark a line across the width of one of the smaller pieces of wood that is 1 inch away from either end. Place a dot in the middle of each line. Attach the drill bit to the power drill. Hold the piece against the edge of the base, and use the drill to drill a hole where the dot is placed that goes straight through the smaller piece and into the base. Screw one of the eye hooks into each hole. Repeat with the other piece. Ensure that the eye hooks are level.

  3. Attach the bolts

    Place each bolt through the eye hooks. Secure both bolts on either end with the nuts and washers. Drill two screws directly in the middle of the bolts on either end of the base to attach the beading thread.