How Do You Make Your Own Appointment Book?


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To create a do-it-yourself appointment book, create a computer document that includes the name of the month, a column listing days in the month and a space for notes. This project requires a software program that creates spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel or Apache OpenOffice.

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To design a printable page for an appointment book, create a new file in the spreadsheet program, and type in the month of the year as the heading. Below the heading, create a spreadsheet table that contains a cell for each day of the month. Add a second column for notes or client names. Leave a wide margin on the left-hand side of the page.

Repeat the above steps for each month of the year, and print the resulting pages. Punch three holes on the left side of each page, and insert the sheets into a binder.

To create an electronic appointment book, follow the steps above, and then save the files on your desktop. Type appointments directly into the computer file throughout the year. Save the document after each use to update the information.

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