How Do You Make Your Own Animal Pelts to Sell?


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Remove the fur from the animal with a sharp knife, and place it on a stretcher in an area with a temperature 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours to one week. Wipe the pelt with a clean cloth occasionally while it is drying, and take the pelt off the stretcher when the leather is dry but flexible.

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To remove the pelt, cut a circle around one hind foot. Continue the cut up the leg, around the anus, and around the other hind foot. Hang the animal upside-down, and pull the fur off in one piece by using a knife to carefully cut through any tissues preventing the removal of the fur. Do not cut through the fur, as this lowers the selling price.

Place the pelt skin-side out on the stretcher, and use push pins or tacks to hold it in place when using a wooden stretcher. Do not overstretch the pelt. Use a sharp knife to scrape excess fat or other tissues off the skin-side of the pelt, and place the stretcher in a location away from direct sunlight, heat or wind. During the drying process, wipe accumulated oils off the pelt with a clean cloth as needed. When drying fox or coyote, the pelt can be turned fur-side out when it is partially dried.

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