How Do You Make an Outdoor Wreath?

To make an outdoor wreath, use a wire wreath frame as it is sturdy enough to handle greenery and embellishments. Use a double-wire wreath for heavier embellishments. Prepare for the project by gathering supplies, including floral wire, gloves, craft glue and embellishments.

Start by choosing the right type of wire wreath form. There are double-wire frames that not only hold more weight but are also good for a wreath that looks more lush. Outdoor wreaths with a lot of greenery look great. Single-wire wreath forms are available, which are better for more of a delicate wreath.

Greenery is added first to an outdoor wire wreath. Take one small bundle at a time, wrapping floral around the stem a few times, then wrapping the rest of the wire around a spot on the wreath. Snip the excess wire. Continue doing this until all greenery has been secured. Place the greenery bundles as close together on the wreath as possible.

Embellishments are added next. For larger embellishments, like flower bundles they can be added while added the greenery. Alternative them throughout the wreath form. For smaller embellishments, like small rose buds, plastic fruit or pine cones, add them after the greenery and larger florals have been placed. Use floral wire in the same manner as when the greenery was added.