How Do You Make Outdoor Tablecloths With Umbrella Holes?


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To make outdoor tablecloths with umbrella holes, measure the dimensions of the table, cut the desired fabric accordingly into two halves, cut the umbrella hole at the center of both the pieces, and hem the edges of the fabric. Sew strips of Velcro closures, zippers or buttons on the fabric edges that are to be joint at the center of the table.

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Use cotton, washable linen or oilcloth to make the tablecloth. Choose a fabric of a color and pattern that complements the patio, patio furnishings, umbrella and cushions.

Measure the length and breadth or diameter of the table, depending on its shape. Determine if the tablecloth is to just fall over the table or if it is to touch the ground. Accordingly, cut the fabric using a pair of scissors. To do this, snip the fabric into two halves, with one piece wider than the other by 2 inches. Mark the umbrella hole at the center of the two edges to be joint, and cut.

Hem the narrower fabric piece at one side of the joining edge. Sew a wider hem on the same side of the wider piece. Then, sew the fabric pieces at the other joining edge, from the center till the edge, while keeping the right sides of the pieces together. Stitch the umbrella hole edge, adding darts if required, while keeping it open at the joining side.

If using Velcro closures, sew one strip to the bottom of the narrow hem and the other to the top of the wider hem. If using a zipper, sew it before stitching the other joining edge. If using buttons, cut both the fabric pieces wider, sew buttons on one piece and make corresponding buttonholes on the other.

Finally, hem the outer edge of the tablecloth.

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