How Do You Make an Origami T. Rex?

How Do You Make an Origami T. Rex?

How Do You Make an Origami T. Rex?

To make an origami T. Rex, start with a square base, transform it into a diamond, then fold the neck, head, front and back legs in that order. Finish with a drawn-on face. Making an origami T. Rex takes roughly 45 minutes and requires a square of origami paper.

  1. Make the first creases

    Fold a square paper along the diagonals, from top to bottom and side to side. Press to crease well.

  2. Fold a square base

    Collapse the paper along the fold lines. It should fold into a perfect square one-quarter of the size of the original.

  3. Crease the top square

    Fold the bottom corners of the top square so that they meet in the center, creating a triangle. Fold the tip of the bottom square over the top of the triangle. Crease it well, then unfold both squares.

  4. Make a petal fold

    Lift the bottom corner all the way up, so that the paper resembles a lily. Push the center in, and crease the new fold.

  5. Crease the bottom square

    Flip the paper over. Fold the bottom corners in to form a triangle, then the top corner over the triangle. Crease well, and unfold all the corners.

  6. Create another petal fold

    Lift the bottom corner up again, push the center in and create a new petal fold.

  7. Fold and rotate the diamond

    The base now resembles a diamond. With the diamond horizontal, fold the right side over. Next, fold the bottom up along the axis, so that the paper resembles a long triangle. Rotate the paper 180 degrees so that the point is facing you.

  8. Make a reverse fold

    Fold the left-hand corner up so that it is in a vertical position. Fold the top of this corner over to the left to create the head of the T. Rex. Make an inside reverse fold of this by opening the paper slightly and pushing the tip down so that it is between the two sides of the paper.

  9. Fold the legs

    Make an inside reverse fold of the corner under the head for the front legs. Fold one of the long corners in the back down to form the back leg. Flip the paper over and repeat this fold for the other rear leg. Fold the bottom of each leg up at an angle to create the feet.

  10. Fold the torso

    Fold the bottom of the T. Rex's belly up to give it a leaner appearance. If desired, draw the eyes and teeth to complete the origami model.