How Do You Make an Origami Rose?


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To make an origami rose, start with a square paper, make a triangle fold for the center crease, fold a kite base, fold the corners down, make a central fold on the back followed by an accordion fold, make creases in the corners, and fold the sides in and the top down. Making an origami rose takes roughly 10 minutes and requires a 6-inch square of colored paper.

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  1. Make the first fold

    Start with the square color side up. Fold two corners together to make a triangle with the color side out. Open it again.

  2. Fold a kite base

    With the fold running up and down, fold the right side in to the center base. Repeat this fold with the left side. The end result looks like a kite.

  3. Fold the corners down

    Fold the right corner down so that its edge follows the kite fold edge. Repeat this procedure with the left side.

  4. Make a central fold

    Turn the paper over. Fold the shape in half so that the two tips meet.

  5. Create an accordion fold

    Measure up an inch from the central fold. Fold the paper along this line so that it makes an accordion.

  6. Make a crease

    Fold down one corner of the accordion, creasing it well before releasing the fold. Repeat the crease on the other side.

  7. Fold the sides in

    Fold the right side of the long end in so that it meets the original center fold. The corners of the accordion open slightly. Press them along the creases already made. Repeat this procedure on the left side.

  8. Fold the tip down

    Fold the top 1-inch of the tip down. Turn the paper over for the completed rose.

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