How Do You Make an Origami Peacock?

How Do You Make an Origami Peacock?

Make an origami peacock using a single square sheet of origami paper that measures 7 inches by 7 inches. The peacock is easier to make if the paper is a different color on each side.

Valley fold down the center of one of the paper's flat edges, then unfold the paper. Valley fold the two top corners down to meet the center fold, then turn the paper over.

Valley fold the front layer of paper so that the sides meet the center, then turn the paper over. Valley fold the lower sides into the center, then valley fold the two newly created sides into the center.

Open the paper, then re-fold it using alternating mountain and valley folds. Fold the top of the model down towards the center, then turn the model over and valley fold the two outermost points into the center.

Unfold the two points and apply inside reverse folds to them, then petal fold the square on the right. Apply two valley folds to create a point. Repeat these steps for the square on the left, then rotate the model 180 degrees.

Mountain fold down the center, then rotate the model by 90 degrees so it is viewed from the side. An outside reverse fold on the smaller point creates the peacock's head. Fold the long side of the model back to create the tail. Add further reverse folds to create the body.

Spread the tail and apply tape at the back for support. Apply more folds to the tail to give it additional texture.