How Do You Make an Origami Paper Crane?


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An origami paper crane is made by using a square piece of paper and completing a series of folds in a specific sequence. It is necessary to make sharp creases and line up edges and corners exactly when making folds.

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How Do You Make an Origami Paper Crane?
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  1. Create the fold creases

    Create a corner-to-corner X fold on one side and an edge-to-edge X fold on the opposite side. With your paper flat, fold and crease the top corner to the bottom corner, and reopen the fold. Next, fold the left corner to the right corner, reopen the fold, and turn your paper over. Fold and crease the top side to the bottom side, and reopen the folds. Repeat by folding the left side to the right, and reopen.

  2. Make the folds

    Using the creases you have made, fold the paper into a diamond. With the square paper laying flat and a corner on top, bring the side corners toward the inside, and flatten the square into a small diamond. The top corner meets the bottom, and you now have open flaps on each side. Fold and crease the top left and right flaps toward the center line, and fold the top corner toward the center. Open and flatten this top flap on the creases you just made, pressing the sides toward the center. It results in an extended diamond shape. Turn your paper over, and repeat this sequence on the other side.

  3. Create the crane's neck and tail

    Beginning on either side, fold the left and right flaps toward the center. Repeat on the other side. You now have a diamond shape sitting atop two slender extending flaps. Fold each "leg" of the diamond upward, crease, and unfold. Push the legs upward between the two layers, using your crease to guide and fold. These are now the crane's neck and tail. Make a small fold on one to create the head of the crane.

  4. Create the crane's wings

    Fold down each side of the diamond to create the wings. Then, gently pull the wings in opposition to make your work 3-dimensional.

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