How Do You Make an Origami Panda?


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One can make an origami panda by using a square of paper that has the colored side down on the surface of the work area. Fold the paper several times to get the shape of a panda. A panda in an origami shape is easy to make and is possible to make quickly.

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The first folds of the panda will be on diagonals. Bring the opposing corners together and open the paper back up. Place the paper in a diamond shape. Bring the top and bottom corner down to the middle line and open it back up. Bring the left and right corners to the center line with the left side closed. Flip the paper so that the color side is up. Fold the paper at approximately 2 centimeters from the crease. Then fold the paper at approximately 2 centimeters from the point on the white part that is facing down. Fold the bottom tip of the black up to create the legs on the panda while the face of the panda is visible as the white part. Finally, adding facial features, such as eyes and the mouth, to the face is possible using markers, pens or colored pencils.

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