How Do You Make Origami Out of a Dollar Bill?


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Make origami out of a dollar bill by precisely folding the bill into different shapes and patterns. Three possible origami shapes you can make out of a dollar bill are a ring, a heart and a paper airplane.

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To make an airplane out of a dollar bill, begin by folding the bill in half vertically, creasing it firmly, and then unfolding it. Fold the left and right edges of the bill up to the crease line in the center. Rotate the bill 90 degrees before folding the bill in half along the original crease line.

To make the wings of the plane, take the top layer of the bill and fold it downwards until it is even with the bottom crease, and then flip the bill over and do the same on the other side with the other layer. To prepare the airplane to fly, pinch the bottom with your fingertips before throwing it into the air.

It is important that the dollar bill be crisp; if the bill is wrinkled, the creases do not hold well, and the plane cannot fly. If the dollar bill is wrinkled, try ironing it with a standard iron on very low heat to make it crisp.

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