How Do You Make an Origami Lion?


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Making an origami lion requires one sheet of square origami folding paper, a pen and a flat working surface. The color of the paper depends upon personal preference, although it must be white on one side and colored on the other. To make the lion takes less than 10 minutes.

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How Do You Make an Origami Lion?
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  1. Make the first fold

    Start with the colored side of the paper face-down and turned at an angle so one corner points toward you. Take the left half of the paper, and fold it over the right until the corners touch. Crease the fold, and then unfold it.

  2. Fold the top half

    Take the top corner, and fold it over the bottom until the corners touch, just as you did with the first fold. Crease and then unfold the paper.

  3. Create the starting shape

    Fold the bottom corner up nearly halfway to the middle crease. Fold the left and right corners toward the center, each corner resting slightly above the center crease. The side folds do not touch the vertical center crease. Turn the paper over so the colorful side is face-up.

  4. Make the head shape

    Begin a crease slightly below the horizontal middle crease, and fold the top part over. Flip the paper over again. The paper now looks like a colorful triangle on the bottom, with a flat top and two squared-off sides. The middle of the triangular shape has a colorful triangle surrounded by a patch of white.

  5. Draw the face

    Use the pen to draw a mouth and nose on the small middle triangle. Draw eyes and whiskers above it on the white section.

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