How Do You Make an Origami Gift Box?


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Make an origami gift box by folding patterned card stock into a box shape. This takes only a few minutes. You need two pieces of square card stock and a straight-edge to make sharp creases.

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  1. Fold the corners

    Position both square pieces in front of you with the patterned side facing down. One piece of paper is for the box and the other is for the lid. Fold each corner into the middle, creasing it well using the straight-edge.

  2. Fold the ends

    Fold the bottom and top ends to the center of the paper for the box piece. For the lid piece, leave a 1/4-inch gap between the top and bottom piece so that they do not meet in the center. Crease well. Now unfold the papers until all that remains folded is the top and bottom corners.

  3. Fold the edges up

    Fold the top and bottom sides of the papers along the folded edges to the middle of the paper where the points meet. Crease well. Now unfold everything.

  4. Fold the sides

    Fold the points of the papers back to the middle. For the box piece fold the left and right sides of the paper to the center and crease well. For the lid piece repeat the process, but leave a 1/4-inch gap so that the left and right sides do not meet in the middle. Crease well. Unfold the papers until only the two side corners are folded in to meet at the middle.

  5. Fold the edges over

    Fold the right and left sides of the papers along the folded edges over until the edges meet. Crease well.

  6. Form the box

    Now lift the two sides so that they are sticking straight up to form the sides of the box. On the paper there is a square formed from creases. Pull the creased paper above and under the square up and in so that they rest along the top and bottom crease. Then fold the top and bottom points of the paper over and down so that the points are all now touching. Repeat this process for the lid.

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