How Do You Make an Origami Elephant?


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To make an origami elephant, two pieces of 6-inch square origami paper are required - one for the head and one for the body. Traditionally the colors used are gray or pink, but there are numerous other colors available to choose from as well.

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How Do You Make an Origami Elephant?
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Start with one paper, color side down, and fold into quarters - corner to corner, then unfold. Fold the top corner down until the tip meets the crease in the middle of the paper. Next, fold the bottom corner up a half-inch. Create a crease on both sides from the corners of the folded tips, then fold along the crease and fold back the corners to create the ears.

Flip the paper over. If the steps have been done correctly, the paper should resemble an elephant head. Fold up the trunk where the ears meet the head, leave 3/4 inches and then fold the trunk back down. Continue this process to accordion the trunk. Pull the accordion out for a three-dimensional effect. Fold back the top-most corners to make the head more rounded.

To create the body, fold the remaining paper into quarters side to side. Next, fold the bottom up 3/4 inches and flip the paper over. Fold the long sides in so they meet in the center, then place the head on the body. Attach with glue, and the origami elephant is complete. As an additional step, the origami elephant can be decorated with eyes and toes to define the body parts.

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