How Do You Make Origami Cranes?


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To make an origami crane, you must use the art of origami to fold a perfectly square piece of paper into the shape of a crane. There are 12 steps required to fold a piece of origami paper into a crane. If the origami paper has color on one side, it is best to start with the colored side facing up. Directions to make an origami crane are available online at Origami Fun, Origami Instructions and Monkey.org.

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To make an origami crane, first fold the top corner to the bottom corner and open, and then rotate the paper 45 degrees and repeat. Turn the paper to the white side and crease the page well and open in both directions. Next, fold the left and right corners of the model down to the bottom corner, followed by the top corner. Once the paper is in a diamond shape, fold crease the top triangular flaps into the center and unfold.

To finish an origami crane, fold the top of the model downwards to crease, and then unfold. Open the uppermost flap. Bring it upwards and press the sides of the model inward. Flatten the top down to form a crease. Turn the model over and repeat. Fold the top flaps into the center and repeat on both sides. Fold the legs of the model up and fold one side to make a head. Fold down the wings to finish the crane.

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