How Do You Make an Origami Butterfly?

How Do You Make an Origami Butterfly?

Make an origami butterfly by folding a square piece of paper into specific shapes. When using colored paper, make sure the colored side is facing down. There are a variety of types of origami butterflies, including the traditional origami butterfly, the butterfly symbol, the butterfly fish, the simple origami butterfly and origami butterflies with open sink-folds, closed sink-folds and open-closed sink-folds. Each of these take a different amount of time to create.

  1. Fold the paper into a series of triangles

    First, fold the paper along the diagonal, and create a triangle shape. Next, fold the triangle in half.

  2. Fold the wings of the butterfly

    To create the butterfly wings, fold the top layer back, and crease it along the top left corner. Next, repeat the step by folding the second wing back and creasing it along the same line. Finally, unfold the butterfly.

  3. Decorate and modify the butterfly

    To move the wings on the butterfly, press down on the body so that they flap up and down. Decorate the origami butterfly to make it look like a real butterfly by coloring it and adding symbols. You can also cut the top and center crease of the wing and fold it over to make bottom wings.